Friday, August 29, 2008


by Stan C. Countz

All summer long, we were like best friends
We did everything together
I remember kissin’ and holdin’ hands
I thought it would last forever

When you started back to school
Sometime in September
Your love for me began to cool
As far as I can remember

What was I to do
How was I to know
This would be the end
The end of the road

I loved you so much
I felt like such a fool
You said you just
Wanted to be friends

I said that was cool
but you knew it wasn’t true
Who knew this would be the end
The end of me and you?

What did I do; I must’ve really blew it
How was I supposed to know
This was the end of life
As I knew it

Spent too much time wanderin’
In the desert of uncertainty
Been thinkin’ and ponderin’
Why your memory’s still hurtin’ me

I’ve been lookin’ for greener pastures
Now I know I can’t serve two masters
I was on a carousel spinning faster and faster
Now my life has become one big disaster

So slow me down and help me see
The things that are causing me to fall
Set me free to be all I was meant to be
And to build bridges instead of walls

I can still recall the day
The day you went away
Wish you would’ve stayed
Now I guess I’ve paid my dues

I needed time for healin’
But I still recall that feelin’
And I just hope and pray
Everything is OK with you

Had no way of knowin’
I was on a train goin’ nowhere
So I’ll say a little prayer for you
My friend

It don’t seem fair, but it’s true
What was I supposed to do?
How was I to know
This would be the end
The end of me and you
The end of me and you

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


by Stan C. Countz

I got a call last night out of the blue and all of a sudden
It startled me out of my sleep, my eyes were barely shuttin’
It was on the news, I guess, said the Midwest was floodin’
He said to tune in the news and I’d see he wasn’t kiddin’
He called to say he was afraid we were facin’ Armageddon

So I went online only to find that he was right
It’d been rainin’ and pourin’, mornin’, noon and night
There didn’t seem to be any hope or any end in sight
So I headed off to bed for the night and hit the light

When I awoke early the next mornin’
GMA was reportin’ about the stormin’
Man was I glad to be safe in sunny California
At least earthquakes shake and sorta warn ya’

With all that rainin’ and pourin’
There goes all the corn and soy
Food prices will be soarin’
The crops will be destroyed

The price of food will go right through the roof
With talking heads on the news, who needs proof?
Besides, it makes a great story; no guts, no glory
Who gives a hoot if it’s a lie or the gospel truth?

Can’t eat tomatoes no more; can’t even buy ‘em at the store
Someone forgot to wash ‘em; I smell somethin’ rotten
Instead of proceeding with caution, all we say is "toss ‘em"
I can't believe that we've forgotten how God is so awesome

You know you’re battin’ zero, when the villain is your hero
We must be near rock bottom when the best we’ve ever gotten
Is Paris Hilton or Britney Spears piercin' more than their ears
It’s time we face our fears and call on Him while He's near

They’ve issued a formal warning and give us a citation
Prepare for global warming or support the United Nations
They’ll give us a ticket drivin' home talkin' on our phone
I wish they'd just fix the roads and leave the rest of us alone

No news is good news, or so it always seems
Some win, some lose; some give up on all their dreams
“News” seems to be skewed to promote what’s gone wrong
I ain’t teasin’ and that’s the reason I wrote this song

The late-night talk show hosts are busy tellin’ weak jokes
While I refuse to buy into the lie that that’s all she wrote
The mid-west may be hurtin’, but it ain't the final curtain
I still believe that basically we’re half-way decent folks

We may be burdened and filled with frustration
I’m certain we have the will and determination
To try to catch someone doin’ somethin’ right
And put them in the center of the spotlight

It’s not a time to moan and whine
Or place yourself above your brother
It’s a time to let your light shine
And show your love for one another

Catch someone doin’ somethin’ right
Instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong
Let’s move on and try to make it right
Which is why I tried to write this song

Catch someone doin’ somethin’ right
Instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong
Let’s move on and try to make it right
Catch someone doin’ somethin’ right (3x)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Lyrics by Stan C. Countz

Back when we still wrote cards and letters
Getting together wasn’t all that hard
Got to know each other a whole lot better
Up in the tree house in her back yard

She was sweet as pie and I was kinda frisky
We didn’t need any wine or any whiskey
We were young and dumb bettin’ on the come
Havin’ fun in the sun, lovin' on the run

Should’ve never thought of even gettin started
I had it bad but I left her sad and broken hearted
Like a dog without a bone, she was sad and all alone
I didn’t even have the class to call her on the phone

I laughed and acted like I never really cared
The truth of the matter was that I was scared
It seemed that we were always fightin'
but at least we were fightin' fair

Like lemon meringue pie
Our love was sweet and tart
I knew that one day I
Would try to make my mark

We got the horse before the cart
I thought that I was oh so smart
I shoulda known that she
Would only break my heart

I thought that I was goin’ soft
I thought I’d had about enough
So we broke it off and broke it up
How were we to know it would be so rough?

I shoulda guessed; I shoulda known
That she would need a heart of stone
I shoulda known that she would only
break my heart…

Now she’s gone and I’m all alone
We should’ve never even gotten started
Now she won’t even answer the phone
Now who’s the one who’s broken hearted?