Monday, June 16, 2008


Lyrics by Stan C. Countz

Back when we still wrote cards and letters
Getting together wasn’t all that hard
Got to know each other a whole lot better
Up in the tree house in her back yard

She was sweet as pie and I was kinda frisky
We didn’t need any wine or any whiskey
We were young and dumb bettin’ on the come
Havin’ fun in the sun, lovin' on the run

Should’ve never thought of even gettin started
I had it bad but I left her sad and broken hearted
Like a dog without a bone, she was sad and all alone
I didn’t even have the class to call her on the phone

I laughed and acted like I never really cared
The truth of the matter was that I was scared
It seemed that we were always fightin'
but at least we were fightin' fair

Like lemon meringue pie
Our love was sweet and tart
I knew that one day I
Would try to make my mark

We got the horse before the cart
I thought that I was oh so smart
I shoulda known that she
Would only break my heart

I thought that I was goin’ soft
I thought I’d had about enough
So we broke it off and broke it up
How were we to know it would be so rough?

I shoulda guessed; I shoulda known
That she would need a heart of stone
I shoulda known that she would only
break my heart…

Now she’s gone and I’m all alone
We should’ve never even gotten started
Now she won’t even answer the phone
Now who’s the one who’s broken hearted?

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